Episode 1: I Dreamed a Dream
Auditioning is a...a-hem...a real pain! In this premiere
and first episode of
Drama Queenz we are introduced
first to Jeremiah Jones (Dane Joseph) an actor and
proud resident of Queens, New York. When Jeremiah
gets an unnerving phone call his morning seems to turn
into a confusing and panicked haze. Once Jeremiah
gets a move on it, literally, we are introduced to the
second roommate Davis Roberts (Kristen-Alexzander
Griffith) who is so close to his Broadway dream that he
can taste it. Unfortunately, for our boys, those
Broadway dreams are going to have to wait. Enter the
third roommate, Preston Mills III (Troy Valjean Rucker)
who offers some over do food therapy. Little does
Preston know his dreams are just as ill fated as his
roommates, it looks like Preston should have saved a
cookie or six, for himself! Watch how these three best
friends deal with life, love and pursuing their dreams in
the city.
Episode 2: Unexpected Song
Bring on the men! It seems that life has a lot more to
offer our boys, as the saying goes: for every Jack there
is a Jake and for every Romeo there is, well, a James.
So is the case for our boys as they discover that there
may be more to this beautiful city than their
never-ending pursuit of stardom. Whether it is found
running in a park or setting a musical tempo, romance
for Preston, Davis and Jeremiah, most certainly does
not discriminate.
Episode 3: Small World
Pardon me...I just need
by you? In this third installment of
Drama Queenz,
Preston, Jeremiah and Davis begin to discover that the
feeling of being cramped applies to more than just their
tiny 5 by 6 bathroombut maybe a lack of space is
exactly what we need sometimes. During a so-called
professional musical coaching with Donovan (Fred
Ross), Jeremiah realizes that there may be more to
learn that just notes on a page. A case of mistaken
intentions forces Preston to reconsider a longstanding
tradition. While through his own personal darkness,
Davis begins to realize that the silver lining may actually
exist after all.
Episode 4: A Little Fall of Rain
When life treats you like a punching bag, what do you
do: do you run, do you stay and fight, or do you give
our boys. After a great audition, Jeremiah receives
some overdue good news. Unfortunately Jeremiahs
good news is followed by a 1-2-kick-punch-combo to
the ego served up cold by Donovan. Davis, hoping to
make the best out of an awful day, ends up losing the
battle to reality. Preston, who comes face to face with
the unavoidable Tristan, tries taking a less is more
approach...he fails.
Episode 5: By the Sea
Ferris wheels and roller coasters and cotton candy...oh,
my!  When the boys decide to have a “girls’ day out” at
our nation’s finest beach, a.k.a. Coney Island, they
begin to realize that there may be more to their
vacation than just hotdogs and fat men in g-strings.  
Preston goes searching for a Popsicle, which happens
to be in the hands of Trevor (Benjamin Fischer), and
Davis is swept away by a Russian hunk named Sergey
(Jed Resnick), leaving Jeremiah all alone.  In the end,
the boys come to understand that Coney Island is good
for only two things: Popsicles and funnel cakes!
Episode 6: Simple Little Things
Eye cream?  Check.  Shampoo?   Check.  Illegal black
market Taser?  Check.  It turns out that a beautiful, six-
hour vacation to the world famous Coney Island was
just what the boys needed to reinvigorate their
existence. Besides possibly acquiring a mild case of
black lung due to local pollution, things seem to be
looking up for Preston, Davis and Jeremiah. Preston,
finds himself spending more time with an
“enthusiastic” Trevor, while Davis seems unable to
escape Diego’s magnetism…no matter how hard he
tries.  This unexpectedly leaves Jeremiah alone, as he
tries to deal with his estranged relationship with
Donovan.  As the boys quickly learn, just when you
think it’s safe to go back into the water, life emerges
to take a huge bite out of your…
Episode 7: There's Gotta Be...
In Episode 7 of Drama Queenz, the boyz learn that
change is the one constant in life you cant avoid, and
that it produces many different consequences: it can
lead to something fabulous, it can make things terrible,
or it can create quite a messespecially when you mix
auditioning, secrets, and men! Increasingly restless,
Jeremiah makes a life changing decision that leads to
unexpected revelations. While Davis tries to avoid
drama by concealing a secret, Preston and Tristan
decide to move their relationship out of a stalemate by
having lunch. What starts off as a simple afternoon,
however, soon changes into a no-holds-barred drama
fest, in which no one is spared!
Episode 8: Ain't No Party
Question: What do you get when you put three angry
actors in one cramped Queens apartment?  Answer: A
whole lotta drama!  In the season finale of “Drama
Queenz,” the boys try to escape their uncomfortable
living environment in very different ways.  While Davis
attempts to get to know Diego as a “friend,” Jeremiah
finds there is no hiding from his troubles and the
eventualities that come with them.  Preston, likewise,
comes to see the light about his relationship anxieties.  
Through a hectic day filled with discoveries that run
the gamut of their emotions, the boys ultimately come
to learn a thing or two about the value of friendship.